When one of your employees is hurt at work, we’re here to help. The process starts when we receive an injury report – whether from you, the injured worker, or their healthcare provider.


Report an Injury as Soon as Possible – Within Five Business Days

You must report a workplace injury to the WCB within five business days of:

  • The day of the injury, OR
  • The day you became aware of the injury.

Late reporting could result in a fine.


Report an Injury Online, by Phone, Fax or Mail

The WCB is here to help with the method of reporting that works best for you.


The WCB’s Online Incident Reporting application is secure and available to report a workplace injury 24/7. You must register with the WCB’s Technical Support Team to set up an online incident reporting account.

Learn more about Online Incident Reporting for employers.


Call the WCB at 204-954-4321 or toll free 1-855-954-4321 to report a workplace injury to a Claims Service Representative. You can review the Employer Incident Report Form before calling to make sure you have all the information you need.

The Claims Service Centre is open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays).


You can complete the Employer Incident Report Form and send it to us by fax at 204-954-4999 or toll free 1-877-872-3804.


You can complete the Employer Incident Report Form and send it to us by mail:

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

333 Broadway

Winnipeg MB R3C 4W3


Employer Incident Report Form

The Employer Incident Report Form is a fillable PDF that you can save to your computer, fill out and print. You can obtain paper copies of the form by calling 204-954-4321.


Reporting Workplace Injuries Early Benefits Your Business

  • The sooner the WCB knows about an injury, the quicker the claim can be adjudicated and processed – which ultimately helps get employees back to work sooner.
  • Reporting workplace injuries early also helps you avoid administrative penalties for late reporting.


What If a Worker or Healthcare Provider Reports an Injury First?

Workers and healthcare providers are also required to report a workplace injury to the WCB. If the WCB learns about an incident in your workplace from either your worker or their healthcare provider, we will contact you to get your report of the incident.

Usually, we will telephone you, unless you have specified that you prefer to be notified by fax, letter, or through the internet (if you are a registered user of the Online Incident Reporting System).

You can let us know your preferred method of communication by calling the Claims Service Centre at 204-954-4321 or toll free at 1-855-954-4321 to provide them with your claims contact information.


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