Reporting Changes in Payroll Estimates

Throughout the year, your business can experience changes that increase or decrease your annual payroll. If your payroll changes at any point in the year after you provide the WCB with your annual payroll estimate in February, let us know so you can avoid unnecessary interest charges.

Our system automatically compares the estimate you provide this year to the actual you report next year and if there is a difference of more than 25% up or down, you may be subject to an interest charge of 3% above prime on the unreported portion or paid a minimal amount on the over-reported portion. Do not hesitate to call us with an estimate update anytime there has been significant change to your current year's estimate.


Why Is It Important to Change My Payroll Estimate Throughout the Year?

It is important to adjust your payroll estimate throughout the year if your payroll is going to change so that your premium payments appropriately reflect your coverage level and are paid for in the year in which you have the coverage. If your payroll increases, your premium and your payments will increase proportionately for the year in which they apply. If your payroll decreases, your premium and your payments will decrease.


When Should I Review My Payroll Estimate?

You should review your payroll estimate as soon as you realize there is a change and contact us immediately with the new information. Even if you are not certain that your payroll has changed, we recommend you review your payroll and report any changes to us by the end of June and again before the last working day of December.

Interest may be charged on the difference between the estimate you provided this year and the actual payroll you report early next year. We recognize circumstances can change at any point throughout the year, so if you experience an increase or a decrease in your annual payroll, please contact us so we can make the adjustment. You should contact us as often as is necessary to ensure your payroll estimate for the current year is as close as possible to what you will be reporting for you actual payroll next February.


What Happens When I Change My Payroll Estimate?

When you provide us with your revised estimate, we will adjust your account immediately. If you have remaining premium payments, they will be adjusted to reflect the new estimate. Your next account statement will detail the changes and your new payment requirements. If your premium has been paid for the year, your account will be adjusted and your next statement will detail whether there is a debit or credit balance as a result of the change in estimate.


If I Do Have a Difference of More than 25% Between My Payroll Estimate and the Actual Payroll I Report, How Will the Interest Be Calculated?

The interest rate you may be charged for under-estimating your payroll is the prime lending rate plus 3%. This amount is adjusted January 1 and July 1 of each year.

The interest you may be paid if your payroll was over-estimated is based on the Provincial Treasury Bill Rate minus 1.5% but can be no less than 0.25% annually. This amount is also adjusted January 1 and July 1 of each year.

The exact amounts can be found in Policy 35.40.05 - Interest Rates under Regulation (Information only)


How Do I Change My Payroll Estimate?

Changes to your payroll estimate can be submitted at any time of the year by mail, phone, email or fax. Please be sure to include your account number with all correspondence.

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