The WCB partners with SAFE Work Manitoba to help you invest in safety and health at your workplace - and ultimately reduce your WCB costs.

To help you get there, SAFE Work Manitoba has developed a new standard for occupational safety and health in the province called SAFE Work Certified.

SAFE Work Certified works with industry-based safety programs and safety associations (IBSPs) to offer safety and health certification to Manitoba employers who meet this standard, while also providing a financial reward to employers who take proactive steps to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.


Safety and Health Certification Programs

The following are safety and health certification programs that are currently offered:

Construction - COR™ certification:

Heavy - Manitoba Heavy Construction Association

Industrial, Commercial and Residential - Construction Safety Association of Manitoba


Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters - Made Safe

Motor Vehicle Safety Association of Manitoba

RPM Trucking Industry Safety program 

For other industries:  

Contact SAFE Work Manitoba

Winnipeg: 204-957-SAFE (7233)

Outside Winnipeg: 1-855-957-SAFE (7233)