Fair Practices Office

The Fair Practices Office is an independent office within the workers' compensation system in Manitoba.

The Office acts as an ombudsman for injured workers, their dependents, and employers with the goal of helping them resolve issues they may have with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB), and in doing so, help the WCB improve its quality of service.

The Fair Practices Office has three main purposes:

  1. To listen to the concerns raised by injured workers, their dependents, and employers.
  2. To pursue the resolution of issues brought forward.
  3. To identify reoccurring issues regarding fair practice and report them to the WCB.

Three main principles guide the work of the Fair Practices Office:

  • Impartiality - The Fair Practices Office reviews all issues impartially and makes recommendations that promote fair practice.
  • Confidentiality - All inquires received by the Fair Practices Office are confidential, unless an intervention is requested.
  • Independence - The Fair Practices Office serves injured workers, employers, and the WCB, but works independently in the interest of fairness.

For more information, read the Fair Practices Policy or visit their website.

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