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Here are some of the benefits that may be available to you if you're hurt on the job.

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Wage Loss Benefits

The WCB's wage loss benefits were designed to replace your wages if you should suffer a workplace injury. You will receive 90% of your net average wages less the probable tax benefit received due to the tax free status of your WCB benefits.

This means that the WCB figures out the amount you normally get paid, less probable deductions for Income Tax, Employment Insurance and Canada Pension Plan contributions. The WCB uses the information we get from the injury reports sent in by you and your employer to determine your income. Your marital/common-law status and number of dependents is used to calculate your probable income tax.

For injuries occurring on or after January 1, 2001, we will also use childcare expenses, child support payments and spousal support payments in the calculation if you qualify for these tax deductions.

For injuries that occurred prior to 2006, wage loss benefits are subject to a yearly maximum. The yearly maximum is set according to our legislation, The Workers Compensation Act. There is no yearly maximum for injuries that occur after December 31, 2005.

Please note that according to the rules set out under The Workers Compensation Act , the most money you can receive is 90% of your net actual earnings. Because of this, any money that you receive from other disability insurance plans, Employment Insurance benefits and/or Canada Pension Plan Disability benefits will be considered when calculating your compensation benefits.

Medical Aid Benefits

Some other costs directly related to your workplace injury may also be covered. They include:

  • hospital expenses
  • other healthcare costs - for example, physiotherapy and occupational therapy may be covered by workers compensation under certain circumstances. You should check with us before receiving treatment to make sure your expenses will be covered
  • prescribed medication - submit the original Pharmacare sticker to us or have your pharmacist bill us directly
  • dental treatment - dentists must send us a report of work to be done and get authorization before they begin treatment
  • artificial limbs, braces, crutches, canes, hearing aids and other aids - we also cover reasonable repair and maintenance of these items
  • orthotic alteration of footwear as needed
  • the replacement or repair costs of prosthetics, eyeglasses or dentures where there has been an injury
  • the replacement cost of clothing damaged because of an injury
  • transportation and living allowances may be covered depending on the nature of the injury and the distance you have to travel for treatment - call us to find out if you are eligible
  • personal care allowance.

Permanent Impairment Awards

Lump sum payments, in addition to your wage loss benefits are given for permanent, physical or mental impairment. The payment is based on the degree of your impairment and your age.

The amount of the payments is set according to our legislation, The Workers Compensation Act. Payments for permanent impairments you collect from other insurance programs are not deducted.


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