The WCB recognizes that each person’s injury/illness and recovery is unique. A team effort involving you, your healthcare providers and the WCB will be used to ensure you get healthcare and other services to help with your return to health and work. Many employers have also implemented disability management programs to help with the recovery process.

  1. benefitsWorker Resources

    WCB has compiled a series of quick-access resources for workers – click on any link to learn more!

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  2. returntowork_workerReturn to Work Information for Workers

    Return to work (RTW) programs can help injured workers to safely perform meaningful and productive work during their recovery process. RTW programs can include modified work, temporary alternate work or a gradual return to work.

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  3. howtofile_workerHow to File a Claim - Workers

    The Workers Compensation Act requires employers to provide the WCB with a fully completed Employers Report of Injury within 5 business days of becoming aware of a workplace injury. Learn more about the claims process and how to file a claim.

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  4. forms_workerWorker Forms

    This page contains all workers' forms in PDF (Portable Document Format) files. To view or print blank forms, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 3 or higher. If you wish to complete the forms online, you require Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher.

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  5. actregsFair Practices

    The Office acts as an ombudsman for injured workers, their dependents, and employers with the goal of helping them resolve issues they may have with the Workers Compensation Board (WCB), and in doing so, help the WCB improve its quality of service.

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