Research and Workplace Innovation Program

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba supports and funds research related to scientific research, or workplace innovation projects.

Research and Workplace Innovation Program

The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba is now accepting applications for funding under the Research and Workplace Innovation Program (RWIP) for 2015.

RWIP projects are funded under three (3) streams:

  • Workplace Innovation projects that lead to improvements in workplace health and safety, and foster successful rehabilitation and productive and safe return to meaningful work,
  • High quality Scientific Research and applied research projects with practical benefits that are related to significant issues in workers compensation, and
  • Training and Education projects relevant to workplace health and safety, injury prevention, safe return-to-work and treatment of occupational illness.

For more information and application forms visit or contact Bruce M. Cielen at or call (204) 954-4650 or toll-free 1-800-362-3340.

 2014 RWIP Grant Recipients

1. Joel Gervais, Mental Health and Addiction Services, Occupational Rehabilitation Group (ORG) of Canada and Vital Life, and Dan Licoppe, Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Management Services (ORG) of Canada

Engaging frontline managers and supervisors to promote mental health and Psychological safety in the workplace: a training seminar and resource guide for Managers and supervisors in the construction, manufacturing, and service sectors

2. Sonia Kowalewich, MFL Occupational Health Centre (OHC) and United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)

First language health and safety training for newcomers

3. Marnie Courage, Enabling Access Inc.

Human factor focused musculoskeletal injury prevention training for construction workers

4. Chris Hooter, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 739 (Painters), and John Sedor, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

Trade specific respiratory protection training

5. Beverley Temple, University of Manitoba and St. Amant Research Centre; Toby Martin, Jennifer Kilimnik, St. Amant Centre; Charmayne Dube, New Directions; Lisa Demczuk, University of Manitoba

A knowledge transfer intervention with supervisors: can we reduce injury by improving knowledge translation strategies for direct support workers of people with intellectual disability who display challenging behaviour?

6. Allen Kraut and Leigh Anne Shafer, University of Manitoba; Colette Raymond, Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

Determining the influence that the WCB of Manitoba’s opioid policy has had on prescription opioid use amongst WCB recipients

7. Phillip Bigelow, University of Waterloo; Jim Dickey, Western University; Emile Tompa, Institute for Work and Health

Intervening in the transportation sector to reduce driver fatigue, low back pain, and discomfort and to increase vehicle safety

8. SAFE Work Manitoba

Industry-based safety associations, phase two






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