There are approximately 175 industry classifications in Manitoba. When you register with the WCB, your business is assigned to an industry classification based on the kind of work you do.

Workers compensation insurance is a blend of collective and individual liability. This means your premium is based on a combination of the risk of potential injury costs at your workplace and the risk at workplaces with similar business activities. We group similar businesses together – this is your industry classification. 

Each industry classification is assigned a risk category that describes their cost of injuries compared to the system average. The average rate is a baseline – we use it to set rates for each classification group.

Find out more about your Industry Classification.

If you have any questions about why your business was assigned to its industry classification, we encourage you to contact the Assessments Services Department. The Assessment Services Department will review any new information regarding business activities and decide if a change should be made. If you still do not agree with your classification, you can go through the reconsideration process.



In Winnipeg 204-954-4505

Toll Free 1-855-954-4321, ext. 4505

For information on when businesses qualify for multiple classifications, please refer to WCB Policy 35.20.10, Classification of Employers into Sub-Groups and its Administrative Guidelines.

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