If your business is in a mandatory industry and you have an apprenticeship agreement, your apprentices are included in your workers compensation coverage.

Apprentices are included in your coverage whether they are participating in on-the-job training or in-school technical training. In either case, you are considered the employer of record and all costs associated with a claim are applied to your firm’s experience.

As soon as you are informed of the injury, report it to the WCB. When you report the injury, you need to tell us that your worker was working or training as an apprentice at the time of the injury.

We need to know your worker was an apprentice because this may affect the worker’s wage loss benefits. An apprentice’s income usually increases by specific amounts as they work towards their journeyperson qualification.

We may adjust their wage loss benefits if we find the wages earned at the time of injury do not fairly represent their loss of earning capacity going forward.

We may also periodically increase their benefits based on what their earnings would have been if they had continued their apprenticeship training.

If we do adjust a worker's earnings in this way, as an employer you are eligible for cost relief of the difference between the worker's earnings at the time of injury and the adjusted earnings.

If you have questions about cost relief or would like to apply for cost relief, contact Compensation Services.

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