The WCB classifies employers based on the industry they do business in. This classification helps us in setting rates and determining premiums.

Industry Classifications and Premium Rates

Employers registered with the WCB are assigned to one or more industry classifications based on the activity(s) they are involved in.



Sector 1 – Agriculture and Forestry

Sector 2 – Mines, Quarries and Oil Wells

Sector 3 – Manufacturing

Sector 4 – Construction

Sector 5 – Transportation, Communications and Storage

Sector 6 – Trade

Sector 7 – Service

Sector 8 – Public Administration

Sector 9 - Optional Coverage


The cost experience of the industry classification determines the risk category the industry is assigned to.  That risk category then determines the range of premium rates the employers in that classification will pay.

Before referring to the classification descriptions, the WCB must first determine if the employers are excluded from mandatory coverage.

Employers who require WCB coverage are normally classified into one or more of the sub-groups in Sectors 1 – 8.  Employers in excluded industries that want to purchase optional coverage are assigned to a sub-group in Sector 9.
While the descriptions provide a brief overview of the activities in each classification, they will not include all activities.

Employers are classified according to their “main activity(s)”. There will be sub-processes and workers with many different occupations working for one employer, but we don’t examine those for classification purposes.  We are interested in determining the main functions (i.e., revenue streams, end products, services provided, etc.).

For example, most companies employ administrative staff, but a separate classification is not provided for these employees.  They contribute to the overall, main activity and are included that way.

In most circumstances, an employer is assigned to one industry classification, although some employers may qualify for more.  For information on when firms qualify for multiple classifications, please refer to WCB Policy 35.20.10, Classification of Employers into Sub-Groups and its administrative guidelines.

The rate risk category shown in each description reflects the current year only.  These can change from year to year based on the experience of the employers registered under these classifications.


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