Return to Work is a group effort between employers, workers and the WCB, and every good Return to Work Plan is based on productive and positive relationships.


As an employer, you are responsible for setting up and managing the Return to Work Plan. You need to work with the injured worker to make sure that their needs are met during their recovery. 

The employer is expected to:

  • tell your staff what to do and the steps to follow if they are injured at work.
  • keep in touch with injured workers and the WCB throughout the Return to Work process. By checking in during recovery, you help your worker stay connected with the workplace and show that they are valued. By keeping the WCB informed, you ensure that the correct benefits are paid to your worker.
  • offer meaningful and productive work that is safe and within the worker’s abilities.
  • be flexible and adjust the Return to Work Plan to meet the worker’s needs and their recovery.
  • make sure supervisors and co-workers support injured workers during their recovery and participate in the Return to Work Plan.
  • educate your staff on why returning to work is good for everyone and outline the expectations for supporting a worker in a different kind of role.

The worker’s responsibility in their Return to Work Program is to maintain open communication with the WCB, their healthcare provider and their employer about how their recovery is going. 

This means the worker is expected to:

  • let the WCB know when they return to work
  • attend all healthcare appointments and follow the prescribed treatment plan
  • participate in the employer's Return to Work Program
  • schedule medical appointments outside of work whenever possible
  • tell their doctor or healthcare provider about the kind of work they usually do and ask about what kind of work is safe to do during their recovery
  • keep in touch with the WCB and their employer to let them know updates on their recovery.

The WCB is here to work with you while you develop a Return to Work Plan that fits your business. Our goal is to create a positive experience for you and your staff to ensure a timely and successful return to work. We will:

  • give you information about the injured or ill worker’s functional abilities and restrictions as soon as we can
  • monitor the Return to Work Plan and assist with wage loss payments; if there’s a shortage in earnings, we will top up
  • help out if you or the worker need financial or technical support to fulfill the Return to Work Plan
  • set up and attend Return to Work meetings as needed
  • get involved when there is a dispute about a worker's abilities or the work they are being asked to do 
  • answer questions and provide support when concerns are raised about returning to work
  • decide if you have met your re-employment obligations (for employers with 25 or more employees).

We also offer free workshops to help you learn more about the WCB and Return to Work Basics


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