Protecting the integrity of the workers compensation system is the goal of the WCB's Compliance Services department.

We are here to help employers, workers and healthcare providers learn and understand their rights and responsibilities to ensure a strong and responsive compensation system is here for those who need it.

We are committed to:

  • educating stakeholders on the rules and obligations of the workers compensation system
  • developing tools to help identify where the system may be vulnerable and where additional supporting efforts may be required
  • enforcing the law for those who decide not to comply


Report Program Abuse

Workers, employers and healthcare providers all have specific rights and responsibilities within the workers compensation system. If you suspect that someone has committed an offence or is abusing the system, please let us know. 

You may report alleged program abuse: 

You do not have to provide your name, address or other information that may identify you when contacting Compliance Services. The WCB will take all reasonable effort to protect your personal identity.  If you wish to remain completely anonymous, we recommend that you call the Compliance Tip Line.  

Every report of suspected fraud or program abuse is evaluated and, if there is sufficient information, an investigation will take place.



The WCB's Self-Evaluator tool allows employers to identify areas where they may not be meeting all of their obligations. Employers are encouraged to ask for assistance from Compliance Services by calling 204-888-8081 (in Winnipeg), 1-844-888-8081 (toll free in Canada) or emailing

Employers new to the workers compensation system receive an introductory kit including resources such as a Hurt at Work poster, Notice of Injury "Green Card" and WCB Reference Guide.

Actions or activities that punish a worker or cause a worker to not make a claim may be viewed as discriminatory action or claim suppression which, when discovered, may result in a penalty or fine.

The WCB offers free workshops throughout the year to help employers understand the workers compensation system. The WCB Basics workshops provides a general overview of working with the WCB while the Return to Work workshop helps employers understand the benefits and provides examples of best practices when developing or enhancing a return to work program.


If you have questions or need help please contact us

By telephone 204-888-8081 (in Winnipeg) or 1-844-888-8081 (toll free in Canada)

By email





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