A rate model review in 2012 followed by stakeholder consultation in 2014 resulted in a comprehensive review of the WCB's rate model. The Rate Model Review and Consultation process was used to gauge the relative strengths and limitations of the model, including its impact on employers and workers.

We listened to Manitobans and as a result, the way employers' annual premium rates are calculated is changing. We are moving towards a rate model that responds to your concerns and is more fair and balanced. We'll be making some changes immediately while others will be phased in over the next five years.

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Brief Synopsis of Rate Model Enhancements - brochure

Detailed Overview of Rate Model Enhancements - booklet



Case study scenarios

The following scenarios describe the potential impact of changes to employers based on their payroll size and claims experience. They're designed tose scenarios may help you understand the impacts of the new rate model on your business going forward.

Small employers (payroll up to $750,000)

Medium employers (payroll between $750,000 and $7.5 million)

Large employers (payroll over $7.5 million)