Workers Compensation Benefits for Injured Workers

If you’re hurt at work, we’re here to help. Workers compensation benefits include wage loss benefits, healthcare benefits and permanent impairment awards.  Click on the benefit category below to learn more.

You can learn more about all of them in our Benefits and Services brochure or by reading more below.


Wage Loss Benefits

The WCB's wage loss benefits are designed to replace your wages if you miss work as a result of a workplace injury. In most situations your WCB benefit rate is based on 90 per cent of your regular take-home pay (net pay).

When we calculate your wage loss benefits, we subtract the following probable deductions from your gross earnings:

  • income tax
  • Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions
  • Employment Insurance (EI) contributions

We also use childcare expenses, child support payments and/or spousal support payments (as applicable, for injuries occurring after January 1, 2001) in the calculation. We then deduct an amount equal to the probable tax benefit you will receive because of the tax-free status of your WCB benefits. 

If you have other insurance plans that will pay you while you are off work, we will include these in our calculations. It is your responsibility to make your WCB contact person aware of any additional benefits you receive (for example, benefits from other disability insurance plans, Employment Insurance or Canada Pension Plan Disability).


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Healthcare Benefits

Workers compensation also covers many healthcare costs. These include:

  • hospital expenses
  • specialized care like physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • prescribed medication
  • dental treatment
  • artificial limbs, braces, crutches, canes, hearing aids and other aids, including reasonable repair and maintenance
  • orthotic alteration of footwear
  • replacement or repair costs of prosthetics, eyeglasses or dentures if they are damaged because of an injury
  • replacement cost of clothing damaged because of an injury
  • transportation and living allowances depending on the distance you have to travel for treatment
  • personal care allowance.

Some of these benefits, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dental treatment and transportation and living allowances must be approved by the WCB before we will cover the costs. You should check with your WCB contact person to find out if you will be covered before going ahead with any treatment.


Permanent Impairment Awards

If you have a permanent physical or mental injury, you may receive a lump sum payment in addition to wage loss benefits.

This payment is based on the loss of function caused by your injury and your age and is set according to our legislation, The Workers Compensation Act.

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