What is a Return to Work Program?

A return to work program is based on the philosophy that many workers can perform safe and suitable work as part of their recovery process  The key to a successful return to work program is a partnership among workers, employers, healthcare providers and, when required, the WCB. Return to work programs can involve modified or alternate duties and sometimes a gradual return to work. 

As a healthcare provider you have an important role in helping to maintain the health of your patients, and to promote activities and plans that benefit their health, active recovery, and return to work in a safe and suitable manner. Developing strategies for occupational rehabilitation begins with the patient's first visit, guided by the principle that a safe and suitable return to work is the desired outcome. 

The return to work program may be initiated at the request of the injured worker, the employer, WCB staff, or the worker's healthcare provider, any of whom can identify an opportunity for work as part of recovery. WCB supports are available to assist in the planning, coordination, and monitoring of a return to work program. 


What is the Role of the Healthcare Professional in a Return to Work Program?

  • Diagnose and treat the illness or injury following an evidence-based approach
  • Advise and support the injured worker
  • Communicate a worker’s abilities with the worker and the employer
  • Work with other involved healthcare professionals to facilitate the injured worker’s improvement and safe and suitable return to work in a timely manner
  • Complete the WCB reports promptly and send them directly to the WCB


Resources for Healthcare Providers

If you are a healthcare provider and would like to speak with a WCB healthcare consultant to better understand your role in the WCB process please call 204-954-4385.