Program abuse means giving or receiving an advantage or benefit from the WCB that should not have been given or received.

Program abuse may, but does not necessarily, amount to fraud. Fraud is deliberately dishonest conduct that causes a loss to the WCB.

Examples of program abuse are:

  • Claim Suppression
  • Exaggerating the effect of an illness or injury
  • Causing a worker to pay for the cost of compensation
  • Double billing or over billing by a service provider
  • Returning to work without notifying the WCB

Program abuse does not include actions that are innocently or inadvertently taken as a result of unfamiliarity with the workers compensation system. The WCB recognizes its responsibility to ensure that stakeholders are aware of their obligations and entitlements under The Workers Compensation Act (the Act).

Report fraud

Workers, employers and healthcare providers all have specific rights and responsibilities within the workers compensation system. If you suspect that someone has committed an offence or is abusing the system, please call 204-888-8081 or toll free 1-844-888-8081 or email





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