You can appeal any decision made through the Assessment Services Department. Examples include:

  • Rate setting
  • Results of an audit
  • Cost relief
  • Transfer of costs
  • Worker status
  • Administrative penalties or interest on payment due

Before starting an appeal, try to find a solution by discussing the issue with your WCB representative.

If you still are not satisfied with the decision, there are two levels of appeal available to you:

  1. Assessment Committee
  2. The Appeal Commission

It is important to note that if you intend to submit an appeal related to a penalty, interest or payment due, you are still required to make the payment.

If the original decision changes as a result of the appeal, you will be refunded appropriately.

The Assessment Committee is made up of three senior individuals from the Assessment Services Department. Any person who was involved in the decision being appealed does not sit on the Assessment Committee for your appeal.

You may use the Request for Review Form to start your appeal. You will need to print a copy to send to the WCB Assessment Committee.

Download the Request for Review Form

Please be sure to include your account number, the issue you want addressed and any information that should be considered when the decision is reviewed. Any employer or authorized representative of an employer can contact us to appeal an assessment decision. It normally takes 30 days from being filed for your appeal to be considered.

If you don’t agree with the Assessment Committee’s decision, you can proceed to the final level of appeal: The Appeal Commission.

The Appeal Commission is the final level of appeal in the workers compensation system and functions independently from the Workers Compensation Board. However, it is bound by The Workers Compensation Act and WCB policies. The Appeal Commission only considers assessment issues previously appealed through the Assessment Committee.

If the appeal includes new information, you need to send the information back to the Assessment Committee as the Appeal Commission cannot hear, or rule on, any matter that has not been considered by Assessment Committee.

To begin your appeal with the Appeal Commission, complete the Application to Appeal on the Appeal Commission website. You can also request an assessment appeal form by contacting the Scheduling Coordinator at (204) 925-6110 or by fax at (204) 943-4393. When completing the form, be sure to identify the issue you are appealing.

Go to the Application to Appeal on The Appeal Commission Website.


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