Returning to work after a workplace injury starts after you’re hurt or become ill. The first step is to get the healthcare services you need to help you recover. The next step is to start planning for your return to work. Returning to work as soon as physically and safely possible can help your recovery.

As a worker, you can play an essential role in returning to health and work.
Your healthcare provider plays a critical role in helping you recover and make a timely and safe return to health and work.
Your employer is responsible to support your return to safe and suitable work.
We at WCB will support you, your employer and your healthcare provider throughout the return to work process.

Benefits of a Return to Work Plan

Better Recovery

Helps you recover more quickly and completely from your injury.

Job Stability

Maintains your job stability, knowledge and relationships with co-workers.

Stay Connected

Helps you stay connected and get back on track sooner.

Financial Stability

Reduces the financial impact on you and your family.

Your Role

  • Take an active part in the return to work plan as agreed during all discussions.
  • Attend all healthcare appointments and follow your prescribed treatment plan. Take care of your emotional well-being
  • Help your healthcare provider understand the type of work you do.
  • Keep in touch with your WCB adjudicator or case manager and your employer to let them know how you are feeling. This helps keep you connected to your workplace and helps your employer plan work that you are able to do as you recover.

Your Employer's Role

Your employer usually organizes the return to work process with you and your healthcare provider. Your union may be included, along with your WCB adjudicator or case manager. A plan is developed based on the recommendations of your healthcare provider and what you are able to do when you go back to work.

  • Your return to work plan might include modified or alternate duties or reduced hours of work.
  • Your employer should also keep in touch with you and support you in your return to work plan.

Re-employment obligations:

Legislation requires employers with 25 or more full-time or regular part-time workers to re-employ injured workers who were employed for at least 12 continuous months prior to their injuries.

For more information on re-employment obligations, read our brochure or call 204-954-4321 or 1-855-954-4321 (toll free)

Your Healthcare
Provider's Role

  • Your healthcare provider should recommend timelines for your return to work and provide information about your abilities.
  • Timelines will indicate the earliest date for your return to safe and suitable modified or alternate duties.
  • Your healthcare provider can also share information about your abilities with your employer.

The WCB's Role

  • Your WCB adjudicator or case manager will monitor your return to work plan and assist with your wage loss benefits.
  • Your WCB adjudicator or case manager will become involved to assist you if you need help in your return to work plan – we’re here to help.

Return to Work – Mona’s Story

Watch Mona’s story for another perspective on return to work.

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