Employer Responsibilities

Both employers and injured workers have obligations under The Workers Compensation Act which governs the operation of the workers compensation system. To ensure the compensation system works smoothly and efficiently, it’s important that everyone fulfill their obligations.

As an employer, your primary legal obligations under the Act are to:

  • Report workplace injuries and illnesses within five business days of becoming aware of them;
  • Allow workers to file an injury claim with the WCB and not take any action to discourage them from doing so;
  • Submit accurate payroll information in a timely manner in order for the WCB to determine premiums;
  • Pay premiums in a timely manner and not pass on the cost of coverage to workers;
  • Make sure that the contractors or subcontractors your business works with comply with WCB requirements;
  • Re-employ workers you have employed for at least twelve continuous months before the date of their injury or illness. This obligation applies only to employers with 25 or more full-time or regular part-time workers, and
  • Advise the WCB when injured workers return to work following an absence due to a workplace injury.
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