WCB Values Your Opinion as a Customer!

What do you think about the service you've received from the WCB? When a worker is injured, it's especially important that the worker and employer receive services that are fast, easy, caring, right and clear. In order to continuously improve the services the WCB provides to workers and employers in Manitoba, we conduct a number of surveys targeting injured workers, employers and healthcare providers. 

Will I be asked to complete a survey?



As an employer, if your workplace has experienced one or more injury claims, you may receive an email invitation to complete an online survey.

  • If the injury was a short-term claim, a survey may be sent after the claim is adjudicated.
  • If the injury requires case management services, the survey may be sent after case management services are provided.

The employer surveys are an additional feedback tool that joins the annual Employer Satisfaction Survey conducted towards the end of each year. The annual survey begins with a phone call to a sample of all registered employers, including those workplaces without any injuries, who may choose to complete the survey on the phone or online.


As a worker, you may be contacted for a telephone survey.

  • If you have a short term claim, a random sample of workers are surveyed on an ongoing basis.
  • If you have a claim in case management, you may have an opportunity to provide feedback during surveys conducted twice a year, in June and December.


As a healthcare provider who has provided treatment to injured workers in the past, you may receive a fax or email invitation asking you to complete a survey. This survey is run once a year in April.

Who will contact me?

Customer surveys are conducted by PRA Inc., also known as Prairie Research Associates.

The WCB is allowed under privacy laws to provide minimal contact information for the survey researchers. Participation in these surveys is voluntary and confidential. Any individual answers will remain anonymous and summary reports prepared for the WCB will not identify who provided the responses.


If you have any questions regarding the WCB's customer surveys, contact the Manager, Compensation Performance at (204) 954-4807, or wcbcomm@wcb.mb.ca.


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