Vocational Rehabilitation

If you suffer a workplace injury, vocational rehabilitation services may be offered should you be unable to return to work with your employer because of your work-related injury or disease.

Vocational rehabilitation is a process involving you, your Case Manager, a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant and when possible, your union representative and employer.

Together, you work out a return-to-work plan that best fits your personal situation and the guiding principles of WCB vocational rehabilitation. Whether or not you need vocational rehabilitation will depend on the circumstances of your claim.

Once it has been decided that you need these services, one of our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants will get in touch with you.

The Hierarchy of Objectives for Vocational Rehabilitation

When a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant becomes involved in a case for assessment and intervention, there are certain vocational options which need to be examined one after another to determine what vocational rehabilitation plan will be best suited to returning you to meaningful employment.

The hierarchy of objectives are:

  1. Return the worker to the same work with the same employer
  2. Return the worker to the same (modified) work with the same employer
  3. Return the worker to different work with the same employer
  4. Return the worker to similar work with a different employer
  5. Return the worker to different work with a different employer
  6. Re-train and/or re-educate the worker. 

The first three objectives listed above are dealt with by your Case Manager prior to your referral for a vocational rehabilitation assessment.


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