The gig economy, where temporary and free-lance work is commonplace, has transformed traditional employer and worker relationships. Gig workers earn income by delivering service to clients referred to them by on-demand businesses. Often, these clients are referred to as Gig workers through an app.

The WCB generally considers Gig workers, such as ride share or food delivery drivers, to be the workers of the on-demand business that refers them clients. All workers in non-excluded industries, including app-based and contract workers, are required to have workers compensation coverage, which is the responsibility of the on-demand business to purchase.

There are exceptions to this general proposition. For instance, where a Gig worker demonstrates that they have sufficient control over their business activities, they may be considered to be an independent contractor and not a worker. This is especially so where the Gig worker provides services that do not commercially benefit an on-demand business and where they are exposed to the risk of loss or profit depending on how the service or product is delivered.

If you are working in the Gig industry and want to find out more information about WCB coverage based on your particular circumstances, or have questions about Gig coverage, please contact our Assessment department at (204) 954-4505 or toll-free at 1-855-954-4321.

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