To invoice the WCB, you will need a WCB account number. If you do not have an account number, please complete the Provider Registration/Change Form.  You can also email or call 204-954-4321 or 1-855-954-4321 (toll free) to request a copy of the form.

If you work out of more than one clinic or location, you must complete a separate form for each location.

To ensure your payment is processed quickly, your invoices or the WCB billing form must include the following:

  • Invoice Date
  • Service provider/clinic information:
    • WCB account number
    • Account name
    • Physical address
    • Phone and fax number
  • Patient Information, including:
  • Current claim number
  • Date of birth
  • Name, mailing address and telephone number
  • PHIN
  • Date of incident and area of injury
  • Area of injury
  • Date of service (e.g. initial and/or subsequent visits)
  • tariff codes/description and applicable fees

If any of the information listed above is missing from your invoice or WCB billing form, additional follow-up will be required. This may delay our payments for the services you’ve provided to injured workers.

Browse WCB forms under Resources for Healthcare Providers.


When Should I Invoice the WCB?

The WCB processes invoices in the order they are received. You should invoice the WCB immediately after seeing an injured worker or on a regular basis (e.g. bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). 

If you have not received payment for an invoice that you've submitted for your services, please wait at least 45 days from the date you submitted the invoice to the WCB before resending the invoice.

If you resend an invoice or WCB billing form, please write "resubmission" on the invoice. 

Late Invoices

We encourage you to submit your WCB billing invoices and forms as soon as possible in order to be paid for your services in a timely fashion. Invoices received after 12 months from when the goods or services were provided to the worker or the medical report was provided to the WCB will not be processed.


WCB is included under the Provincial Crown umbrella for GST/HST purposes, and as such, is not subject to these taxes on goods and services. Our GST/HST exemption number is 107863847RT0013.

Processing & Payments

The WCB processes payments in the order they are received. 

When we issue a payment, you will also receive a remittance statement. A remittance statement includes the details of what was paid for the services you provided to an injured worker. This information is for your use in reconciling your records.

Payments and remittance statements are issued around the 15th and 30th of the month and mailed out the next business day.

If you receive your payment by direct deposit, a remittance statement will be mailed when your deposit has been processed. 

Direct Deposit

The fastest way to get paid by the WCB is to sign up for direct deposit. We can deposit your WCB payments directly into your bank account once you have completed the Healthcare Provider Direct Deposit Form. Remittance statements will continue to be mailed to you twice a month.

If you would like to sign up for direct deposit, fax the Healthcare Provider Direct Deposit Form to 204-954-4999.

Download the Healthcare Provider Direct Deposit Form.

Denied Claims

When a worker's claim is denied, we will send you a letter stating that we no longer require medical reports and any further invoices related to the care of the patient should go to another agency.

If the WCB has paid you for services on a denied claim, we may recover the costs against further payments owed to you, with the exception of payment for reporting fees. Costs that are typically recovered are those are covered by another insurer, such as Manitoba Health.

Modified Claims

If you provide services for workers whose claim status is later changed or modified, the WCB may attempt to recover some or all of the payments made to you. We will then advise you to recover those costs from Manitoba Health or another non-WCB insurer.