In order to invoice the WCB for the services you provide to injured workers, you will need a WCB account number. If you do not have an account number, please call 204-954-4507 or call 1-855-954-4321 (toll free) to set one up.

To ensure your payment is processed quickly, your invoices or the WCB billing form must include the following:

  • current claim number
  • injured worker's name, date of birth and mailing address
  • date of injury, diagnosis and/or area of injury
  • date of initial and/or subsequent visits
  • tariff codes/description and applicable fees
  • WCB account number, including address, phone and fax number. This is important to ensure providers working out of multiple facilities receive payment at the correct location.

If any of the information listed above is missing from your invoice or WCB billing form, additional follow-up will be required. This may delay our payments for the services you’ve provided to injured workers.

Browse WCB forms under Resources for Healthcare Providers.


When Should I Invoice the WCB?

You should invoice the WCB immediately after seeing an injured worker or on a regular basis (e.g. bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). 

If you have not received payment for an invoice that you've submitted for your services, please wait at least 45 days from the date you submitted the invoice to the WCB before resending the invoice.

If you resend an invoice or WCB billing form, please write "overdue" or "resubmission" on the invoice or form and we will do our best to review your invoice immediately. 

Late Invoices

We encourage you to submit your WCB billing invoices and forms as soon as possible in order to be paid for your services in a timely fashion. Invoices received after 12 months from the worker’s last appointment or 12 months after the worker has returned to work will not be processed.


WCB is included under the Provincial Crown umbrella for GST/HST purposes, and as such, is not subject to these taxes on goods and services. Our GST/HST exemption number is 107863847RT0013.