Create a report

On the left-hand side of the application is your claim landing page main menu.

Press the page icon to start a new initial report, or the page icon with a 'P' to create a new progress/discharge report.

Before submitting the report, read through the information entered to ensure it is correct.

Treating therapist need to complete and submit their electronic reports to the WCB. In lieu of a physical signature on the reports, the submitter acknowledges they agree with the content in the report, and their unique user ID appears on the report as well.

WCB notifying clinic of a request

As an eHealth Online Portal Services for Physiotherapists user, the WCB will only send report requests through the portal - you will not receive it by fax or mail, nor will you receive an email. Log into the eHealth Online Service Portal for physiotherapists regularly to be made aware of any new report requests. Delays in completing reports may delay a worker's benefit entitlements.

Find your WCB requested reports in the 'Reports in Progress' tab. Any reports that have been started but not submitted will be located there as well. If you receive a request for a report you already submitted, simply delete the report by pressing the trash can icon under the 'Actions' column.

Submit a discharge report

Complete a progress report and answer yes to the question 'is the worker discharged?' The system will automatically create a physiotherapy discharge report.

Submit a request for additional treatment/extension request

Complete a progress report and answer yes to 'treatment extension request'. The system will automatically submit the report as a physiotherapy application for additional treatment.

Delete a report

Reports that have a status of 'draft', 'in edit' or 'WCB requested' can be deleted. Once you find the report you want to delete, click on the trash can icon for that report. If the report had a 'WCB requested' status you will be required to provide a reason for deleting the report. Reports with the status of 'submitted' cannot be deleted from the eHealth Online Portal Services for Physiotherapists.

Incorrect information submitted on a report

If you noticed an error in your submission please contact the service desk and provide them with the claim number, the name of report, date submission and details of the error that occurred.

WCB service desk hours of operation and contact information:

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 7:00pm (closed statutory holidays and selected dates)
Winnipeg: 204-954-4321, ext. 4573
Toll free in Canada and United States: 1-855-954-4321, ext. 4573