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The Prevention Rebate Program reduces the risk of workplace injury and illness by recognizing eligible employers who have developed meaningful workplace health and safety programs. This policy sets out the goals of the Prevention Rebate Program, the principles underlying it, and the general framework under which it operates. Under section 54.1 of The Workers Compensation Act (the Act), the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) has a mandate to "promote safety and health in workplaces and to prevent and reduce the occurrence of workplace injury and illness." Under this mandate the WCB must:

• Promote public awareness of workplace safety and health and injury and illness prevention;

• Promote an understanding of and compliance with the Act and The Workplace Safety and Health Act;

• Foster commitment to workplace safety and health and to injury and illness prevention among employers, workers and other persons;

• Work with organizations engaged in workplace injury and illness prevention to promote workplace safety and health;

• Provide training and education about preventing workplace injury and illness;

• Develop standards for workplace safety and health and training programs, including certification processes for providers; and

• Publish reports, studies or recommendations about workplace safety and health and injury and illness prevention.

Section 82(6) of the Act authorizes the WCB to provide an employer with an incentive for prevention activities. The Prevention Rebate Program is administered by SAFE Work Manitoba, a separate arm of the WCB responsible for prevention programs and services. 


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