All physiotherapists who work in a fee for service clinic in Manitoba, providing services to injured workers are required to enter into an individual services agreement (ISA) with the WCB.

The Physiotherapy Individual Services Agreement consists of the following documents:

     (a)    WCB Physiotherapy Services Agreement Signing Page

     (b)    WCB Legal Terms and Conditions - Physiotherapy Services

     (c)    WCB Physiotherapy Service Code Fee Schedule

Click here to download the entire Physiotherapy Individual Services Agreement package (package includes a, b and c)

By returning the completed Physiotherapy Services Agreement Signing Page, the physiotherapist agrees with the WCB's established service rates, and legal terms and conditions.

One signed ISA per physiotherapist is required regardless of their number of work locations. The ISA is an agreement with the individual physiotherapist, not the clinic. The agreement will remain effective as long as the physiotherapist's registration number is valid.

Physiotherapists can return the completed and signed ISA by one of the following methods:

For more information, please click here to download the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions regarding the ISA, you can contact us at or 204-954-4321 (Winnipeg) or toll free:1-855-954-4321.