A safe and timely return to health and work is the ultimate goal whenever a worker is injured on the job.

At the WCB, our goal is to help healthcare providers, employers and injured workers work together to make a safe Return to Work plan part of recovery. 

Leading medical research (as well as local, national and international best practice) confirms the benefits of Return to Work for recovery:

  • Work can be therapy. Resuming normal activities helps strengthen injured tissues and promote healing.
  • Returning to work maintains strength and function in the rest of the body.
  • Returning to work is also good for psycho-social wellbeing. Having a routine, seeing coworkers and feeling a sense of purpose are all good for mental and emotional health.

As a healthcare provider, you play a pivotal role in helping Return to Work plans succeed, by talking to your patients about their daily tasks and providing recommendations on functional abilities and modifications to duties that your patient can share with their employer and the WCB. 

Find out what to you and your patient can expect from a good Return to Work plan. 

We share your commitment to getting your patient back to health. We are also here to make sure that Return to Work is safe and healthy for your patient, and fair for everyone.

Learn more about what you can do to help your patients participate in a safe Return to Work plan that supports their health and recovery.