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Policy Purpose

One of the responsibilities of the WCB is to monitor, supervise and control the standard of care provided to workers by treating healthcare professionals. In order to accomplish this, it is sometimes necessary to have workers attend the WCB offices or the offices of a private healthcare professional for a clinical examination.

The WCB recognizes that the clinical examination may cause anxiety in some individuals and that the presence of a family member or other person may help to alleviate this anxiety. For that reason, the WCB will allow whomever the worker feels will provide the greatest support to attend the clinical examinations under the conditions stipulated in this policy.

All clinical examinations are conducted in a professional, unbiased manner. The clinical examination is not an appropriate forum for advocacy or adversarial discussion of the claim. Any person attending an exam must participate in a manner that is helpful to the examination and refrain from comments and actions that may contribute to an adversarial environment.