Recovering from a workplace injury or illness can be tough – especially when you are removed from your routine while you get better.

With a personalized, safe Return to Work plan, you could get better faster than by being at home. In fact, doctors agree that rest isn’t always best when recovering from an injury. 

Find out what to expect from Return to Work.

Return to Work can help you:

  • recover faster
  • return more quickly to your normal activities both at work and at home
  • maintain relationships with coworkers and keep your skills sharp
  • earn full wages for the time you are working, along with vacation time and other benefits.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? 


Here’s How You Can Make a Safe Return to Work Plan Part of Your Recovery

First, attend all healthcare appointments and follow your prescribed treatment plan. This will help you physically recover. At your appointments, tell your healthcare provider about the type of work you do and what tasks are involved in your role. Ask about what tasks are safe for you to do while recovering.

Next, keep in touch with your WCB contact person as well as your employer to let them know how you are feeling and that you’re ready to participate in a Return to Work plan.

And finally, take an active role in developing the Return to Work plan and be prepared to try new things. Return to Work can include:

  • changing your regular duties to make sure your injury can heal while you work
  • doing other duties in your workplace that are safe while you are recovering
  • working fewer hours and gradually building up to full time work.


Points to Remember

  • Participating in a Return to Work plan is your right.
  • You can begin the Return to Work process as soon as your healthcare provider gives you the okay.
  • It is your employer’s responsibility to work with you and your healthcare provider to develop a safe Return to Work plan that will help you get better.
  • Your employer must provide safe and meaningful work based on the information and advice from your healthcare provider. 
  • The WCB is here for you if issues arise.

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