Trucking companies in Manitoba must provide WCB coverage for their workers. Trucking companies frequently operate across more than one province and on a contract basis, which means you must answer two important questions related to your status with the WCB of Manitoba:

  1. Do I need to register in Manitoba?
  2. Who does the WCB consider to be my worker?

You must register with the WCB of Manitoba if your company:

  • operates solely within Manitoba
  • has a base of operations in Manitoba and provides services anywhere in Canada, OR
  • is based in another province, has workers living in Manitoba and takes part in the Alternative Assessment Procedure (AAP).

If you are based outside of Manitoba, are not participating in AAP, and are hauling in Manitoba or you have owner-operators hauling in Manitoba, you must Contact the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba to determine if you are required to register in Manitoba.

The Alternative Assessment Procedure (AAP) streamlines workers compensation reporting for trucking companies that operate in more than one province. Companies that participate in the AAP report payroll for their workers (including drivers) to the workers compensation agency in the province where the workers live.

You must apply for the AAP in the province or territory where your workers live.

Download the Alternative Assessment Procedure FAQ and Application Form for Manitoba

We consider all your employees, including drivers, to be your workers. All of your drivers, including owner-operators, must have workers compensation coverage.

Owner-operators may be able to purchase their own Personal Coverage In this case, you are responsible to make sure their coverage is in good standing. You can check their status through the WCB’s Online Clearances System.

Learn More About the WCB’s Online Clearances.

If owner-operators do not have Personal Coverage, they will be included in your WCB coverage.

Get more information about Independent Contractors and how we determine their status.

Yes, your drivers are covered by the WCB of Manitoba while working anywhere in Canada, the United States or Mexico.


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