Selling or Closing a Business

If you are selling or closing a business, the steps to close your WCB account are similar.


1. Tell Us About Your Change of Business

Whether you are selling or closing your business, you must contact Assessment Services to let us know:

  • the final date you employed workers
  • your actual payroll for the current year up to the final date of employment.

If you are selling the business, we will also ask you for:

Buying a Business

In most cases, when buying a business in Manitoba, that business’s account history with the WCB will also transfer to you. If you’re planning on buying a business, there are two important questions to consider:


1. Is the Seller’s WCB Account in Good Standing?

The seller should provide you with a Disposition of Business Enterprise Certificate that they obtain from the WCB. This certificate confirms there is no outstanding debt with us. If you do not secure this, you may be responsible for any monies owing on the seller's account.

Optional Coverage

While most businesses in Manitoba are required to have WCB coverage, some industries (for example, law, accounting and other professional service firms, rec centres, rinks and others) are not legislated to do so.

For these businesses, we offer Optional Coverage packages to give you the peace of mind that you and your workers are protected in case of a workplace injury.


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