Seasonal Business Information

What is a seasonal business?
Some employers consider themselves a seasonal business because they operate and employ workers for only part of the year.

The WCB does not distinguish between businesses based on when they operate other than by providing payment options that may better suit cash flow when a business does operate for only part of the year.

I operate a seasonal business - do I need to close my account when my business is not operating?

No, you do not need to close your account when your seasonal business closes at the end of your season.

There is no cost to keeping your account open with the WCB year round and you will benefit from:

  • less paperwork and administrative requirements each year;
  • potential rate decreases depending on your claim experience because after two years of your file being open, your rate will be based more on your own claim experience rather than that of your industry; and
  • if you are an independent contractor, your status through the WCB Clearance system will indicate your account is active and in good standing. This means you can continue to bid on work as an independent contractor (rather than a deemed worker); and, when the work is complete, any General Contractors you work for will not be required by the WCB to hold back on your final payment.


What do I need to do when my business closes at the end of the season?

You don't have to do anything when you close your business at the end of the season. In January of each year, we will send you an Annual Payroll Form to report your actual payroll from the previous year and provide us with an estimate of your anticipated payroll for the current year.

If it is more convenient for you, you can call us when you close your business for the season and provide us with the payroll information at that time.


If I only operate my business for part of the year, when do I pay my workers compensation premium?

The WCB offers flexible premium payment options for employers including options that may work for a seasonal operation. For additional information about paying your premiums, please see the following:


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