SAFE Manitoba Initiative

The Manitoba Government and the WCB have joined forces with partners in labour and the business community in a comprehensive injury prevention program under the banner of SAFE Manitoba. The joint prevention initiative grew out of recommendations from the Minister of Labour's Review Committee on Workplace Safety and Health.

A key recommendation is to build a strong safety and health culture in Manitoba. Methods to accomplish a second key recommendation, to reduce the workplace time loss injury rate, happen under the SAFE Work brand.

SAFE Work operates on the following principles:


SAFE Work in every workplace


Together with our partners, the Workplace Safety and Health Division and the Workers Compensation Board will prevent workplace injuries and illnesses through promotion, protection, and education.


Workers have the right to a safe and healthy workplace, and safe work is everyone’s responsibility.


Leadership - Promoting innovation, best practices, and excellence, and taking ownership of and responsibility for showing the way

Fairness - Protecting workers and workplaces transparently and impartially, based on best practices

Partnership - Working collaboratively, the WSHD, WCB and their stakeholders will achieve the greatest possible reduction in workplace injuries and illnesses


To better reflect current needs and maintain our principles, we have adopted four themes that help us convey SAFE Work messaging:

Protection - Ensuring the safety and health of Manitoba workplaces through inspections and by supporting the internal responsibility system

Promotion - Creating a culture of SAFE work in Manitoba through awareness, partnerships, consultation, programs and leadership

Education - Expanding prevention knowledge through specialized training and the sharing of information

Capacity - Ensuring that Manitoba has the tools, expertise, technology and trained workers to achieve our prevention goals

Our SAFE Work themes guide our SAFE Work priorities.

For more information, please visit SAFE Manitoba.