Return to Work Program Services Team

The Return to Work Program Services team educates, assists and supports Manitoba employers in building successful return to work programs as well as implementing them. The team is available to answer questions you may have related to a variety of WCB topics.

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Sample Documents

Having the right documents and tools is imperative to a successful return to work program. To help you build or further develop your return to work program, we have provided some tools and sample documents.

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WCB Resources

We offer a wide variety of free printed materials on numerous topics for Manitoba employers to educate themselves and their team members. View resources.

To order any of these materials, please email with the resource name and quantities desired.


Return to Work Instructional Videos

Knowing where to begin and having the proper tools is necessary to build a successful return to work plan. To help you build or further develop your return to work program, watch these instructional videos. 


Other Resources

There are many different factors you have to take into consideration when it comes to disability management. While we have provided extensive information related to the WCB, there are other organizations that also provide information and resources you may find useful.



From time to time you may not agree with a decision the WCB has made. Learn about your right to appeal and the process here.

It is important to understand that although any decision the WCB makes may be appealed, an employer must clearly outline what they are appealing and why. It is no longer sufficient to simply state that you want to appeal the claim.

For general information regarding the appeal process, please contact Return to Work Program Services. If you want information specific to a claim, please contact either your Adjudicator or Case Manager directly to discuss.

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