Workers compensation coverage is available for everyone associated with a video production company. Production companies are required to purchase WCB coverage for all of their workers. You may also purchase coverage for entertainers (anyone who works in front of the camera) and independent contractors.

WCB coverage provides benefits for people who are hurt at work and protects you from lawsuits in the event of an injury.

Entertainers are anyone who works in front of the camera, such as actors and stunt people. Entertainers are not required to have workers compensation coverage. However, you may choose to include them in your WCB coverage or they may choose to purchase Personal Coverage if they want access to workers compensation benefits in the event of a workplace injury.

An independent contractor is an individual or company that passes the WCB’s “Independent Business Test.” In the case of video productions, we look at factors such as the collective agreement, the employment contract, the amount and type of payment, and whether or not rights and royalties are being paid to determine whether an individual is an independent contractor or a worker. Writers, directors and other creative talent are often considered independent contractors.

Independent contractors can purchase Personal Coverage for themselves or choose to be included in your WCB coverage (see next question).

Learn more about the Independent Business Test.

Learn more about Personal Coverage

Yes. You may choose to cover all individuals associated with your production including actors, entertainers and independent contractors (such as directors and writers). By providing WCB coverage for everyone involved in the production – whether a worker, entertainer or independent contractor – you protect all parties from any potential lawsuit related to a workplace injury or illness.

To provide workers compensation coverage for independent contractors, you must request coverage for them when you register with the WCB and each independent contractor must complete an application for coverage form (see page 3 of the Production Companies fact sheet).

You don’t need to provide us with the completed application when you purchase coverage. Keep the application forms on file in case of a workplace injury or illness to provide as proof of coverage.

Download the Production Companies Fact Sheet and Application for Optional Coverage form.

As soon as you are learn of a work-related injury, Report the Injury to the WCB.

We will collect information from you, the injured worker and their healthcare provider, and decide what benefits the worker can receive. Benefits include wage replacement while recovering, healthcare treatment and rehabilitation.

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If you have questions regarding coverage for production companies, entertainers and/or independent contractors, or to apply for coverage, please call Assessment Services at (204) 954-4505 or toll-free at 1-855-954-4321.

You may send a fax to (204) 954-4900, toll-free in Canada and the United States at 1-866-245-0796 or you can write to us at:

WCB Assessment Services Department

333 Broadway

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4W3


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