Physician tariffs and rates are paid according to the Manitoba Physician's Manual, where applicable.

Doctors Manitoba and the WCB have a contract for reporting fees and other services not typically billed through Manitoba Health.

The following WCB tariffs are available to Physicians:


Tariff Number Description
3024 Physician - Initial Report Fee
3025 Physician - Progress/Discharge Report Fee Note 1
3026 Narrative Report (per page) OR pre-approval by WCB for Dr's hourly rate Note 2
3010 Physician Telephone Conversation (15 min period, or major portion thereof)
0015 Photocopy Charge (up to first 5 pages)
0016 Photocopy Charge (additional pages over 5)
0017 Chart Note Preparation Fee
0018 In-Person Consultation Fee
3022 Pain Management Fee
5562 Admin Fee cannot be claimed with a progress report (3025) or opioid progress report (8115) Note 3
5559 Surgical Admin Fee (over $100 but less than $300)
5560 Surgical Admin Fee (over $300)
8114 Opioid Management - Initial Report Fee
8115 Opioid Management Progress Report Fee



  1. If a physician submits a claim for a Doctors Progress Report (3025), they cannot claim for the admin fee (5562) for follow up visits.
  2. The WCB pays per page for Narrative Reports (3026) or, with approval from the WCB, the physician's hourly rate.
  3. When a physician is required to see a patient on more than one occasion but does not submit a doctor's progress report (or opioid management report) for that visit, the physician is entitled to claim the admin fee (5562).
  4. Where an anesthetist or physiatrist performs approved pain management injections or surgical procedures, the WCB pays the anesthetist or physiatrist an admin fee (5562). The admin fee will be paid per injured worker unless procedures for the same injured worker are at least 90 days apart. After 90 days, the additional admin fee may be charged.


You can access the full details of the WCB contract by contacting Doctors Manitoba.


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