Please refer to the eHealth Services User Guide for more detailed instructions.


eHealth Portal Best Practices

A few suggestions we can offer to help you transition to submitting your reports and invoices on the eHealth Portal: 

  • If you have started any manually-written (paper) reports, complete them and submit via mail, fax or courier. Make sure you invoice for the associated report fee or initial visit using the same method.
  • Paper invoices already submitted to the WCB will be processed in due time. Do not resend any invoices through the eHealth Portal. This will only lead to delays in processing and increased risk of overpayments.
  • Within a relatively short period of time, your practice should move to using the eHealth Portal for submitting all of your reports and invoices. Using two methods for providing reports and invoices will cause confusion.
  • Treating therapists should be submitting their own reports to the WCB via the eHealth Portal. The submitter needs to acknowledge they agree with the content in the report in lieu of a signature. The user ID of the person submitting appears on the report as well.

All WCB requests for reports will be sent to the clinic via the eHealth Portal and displayed on the "Reports in Progress" tab. No other notifications will be made. Therefore, it is important that the eHealth Portal be accessed regularly - we suggest daily.

Maintain the "Reports in Progress" by deleting any requested reports that will not be completed and submitted to the WCB. You will be prompted to select a reason for deleting the request.

No. You should always save your work before exiting/closing the application or leaving your workstation. After 30 minutes of inactivity, any work in progress will not be saved.

When you submit a report or a visit, the eHealth Portal automatically creates invoices based on your submission(s):

A Portal Submission for… Creates Invoices for…
Initial Report Initial Report Fee, Initial Visit, Acupuncture Tray Fee (If Applicable)
Progress/Discharge Report Progress/Discharge Report Fee
Progress Report with Request for Additional Treatment Request for Additional Treatment Report Fee
Subsequent Visit Follow Up Visit
Subsequent Visit with Acupuncture Follow Up Visit, Acupuncture Tray Fee
Multi-Site Visit Follow Up Visit, Multi-Site Treatment Fee
Multi-Site Visit with Acupuncture Follow Up Visit, Multi-Site Treatment Fee, Acupuncture Tray Fee
No Show or Cancellation Not Applicable
Sundry Items Each Sundry Item


After a submission the invoices created will appear on the claim's "Recent Payments" tab or the clinic's "Payment History" menu.

Submit your invoices as close to the time of the visit as possible, much like you would with most private insurers. Batching and submitting invoices on a bi-monthly, or monthly basis will impact the processing time of your payment request which could result in a delayed payment.

While the eHealth Portal attempts to retain copies of reports you create, there may be circumstances where reports submitted cannot be accessed through the eHealth Portal. That is why it is important you establish a process to keep copies, paper and/or electronic, of all the eHealth reports you submit in your own file retention system.

Please refer to the eHealth Services User Guide for instructions to print or save a report to your own file retention system.

Follow these suggested business practices to maintain security within your organization:

The designated Administrator(s) for your clinic are responsible for registering and maintaining eHealth Portal access for all users in relation to your WCB Provider Account.  Therefore, ensure you assign the role of Administrator to someone with the authority to approve and oversee access for your clinic (ex. Owner or Office Manager).

To register for the eHealth Portal, the Administrator will complete the eHealth Services Registration Form and email to

Once registered, verify all of the users for your clinic received their login information, could successfully login to the eHealth Portal, and their capabilities are correct.

Ensure the Administrator is diligent about requesting user access changes, as required. To authorize access for new users or modify/remove access for existing eHealth users, complete the eHealth Services Update User Access Form and email to      

It is very important to have user access removed when an employee/therapist leaves a clinic.

Do not permit or endorse sharing User ID's between staff.  The user who is signed in at the time of a submission is ultimately responsible for the contents of that submission.

Users should not share their login information with others, even those working at the same clinic.


Managing Patients

To submit a report on the eHealth Portal you must have a claim number for the worker's injury you are treating. You cannot submit a report or an invoice without a claim number!

1. Click on "Manage Patients".

2. Click on the "Search WCB Claim" tab

  •  If the worker provides their claim number, only enter that.
  • If the worker has reported a claim but does not have their claim number, enter the worker's last name, year of birth and date of incident. If your search returns more than one claim, verify the worker information to select the appropriate claim.

3. To access the worker's Claim Landing Page, click on the "Date of Incident" hyperlink.

If you cannot locate the worker's claim, there may not be one initiated yet. Encourage the worker to contact the WCB to start a claim before their scheduled treatments. They can do so over the phone by calling our Claims Service Centre at 204-954-4321 or toll free 1-855-954-4321, or via the web at

If you are unable to obtain a WCB claim number at the time of the initial assessment, you can submit the Initial Report and related invoice to the WCB on paper to avoid reporting delays.

As a eHealth Portal user, the WCB will only send report requests to your clinic through the eHealth Portal - you will not receive it by fax or mail, nor will you receive an email. Log into the eHealth Portal regularly to be made aware of any new report requests. Delays in completing reports may delay a worker's benefit entitlement.

Find your WCB Requested Reports in the "Reports in Progress" Tab.

The report request will not indicate the name of the treating therapist.

Once you find your client's claim and enter the Claim Landing Page, click on the 'Record Visit' menu option. Select your visit type based on all services provided during the visit (e.g. with or without acupuncture). The system will generate all applicable invoice items based on your selection.

For example, when you select 'Multi-site Visit' as your visit type it will automatically generate payment invoice items for the multi-site treatment and for the subsequent visit, plus acupuncture if appropriate.

No. Acupuncture treatments should be indicated on the Initial Report or selected as part of a recorded visit.

If acupuncture was not selected as part of a recorded visit, simply report an overpayment for the original invoice and resubmit the correct one that includes the acupuncture treatment

Each report and visit contains the name, therapist type and registration number of the treating therapist. The information must be added on the first eHealth Portal submission, then it will appear in a drop down menu of therapists for the clinic in all future submissions.

If an error was made entering the therapist information, on the next submission for that therapist, simply select "Other" and add a new, corrected version. After 45 days of not being selected, the incorrect version will be eliminated from the drop down list.

E-mail the Service Desk at for assistance.

Reports with the status of "In Edit" means another person is working on the report or has not exited/saved the report. Reports with this status will be available for other users to unlock/reset the document and return the report to "Draft" status by clicking the lock icon.

  • For eHealth Portal-related questions and technical support contact the WCB Service Desk by email at or by phone at 204-954-4321 ext. 4573 (toll-free 1-855-954-4321 ext. 4573) Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.
  •  For claim-related questions call the Claims Service Centre at 204-954-4321 (Toll free 1-855-954-4321), Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

Please refer to the eHealth Services User Guide for more detailed instructions.


Download the eHealth Portal Administrator FAQ


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