The WCB has a contract with the Manitoba Chiropractors Association which establishes treatment and reporting fees for injured workers.

Invoices should include the appropriate tariff codes and description to correctly identify the injury treated and services provided.

The following WCB tariffs are available for billing:

Tariff Number Description
0222 Chiropractic - nitial Visit Note 1
0220 Chiropractic - Follow Up Visit
0208 Chiropractor - Initial Report Fee
3017 Chiropractic Narrative Report (per page)
0223 Emergency/House Call Visit
0059 Chiropractic Telephone Conversation (5 min increments) Note 2
3095 Chiropractic - Multi-Site Treatment (pre-approval required) Note 3
0224 Chiropractic - Acupuncture Treatment
0225 Chiropractic - Acupuncture Tray Fee Note 4
0226 ART Treatment (cannot be billed with regular treatment)


  1. The WCB will pay the initial exam fee (0222) even if later determined it was not an acceptable claim.
  2. Chiropractic Telephone Conversation (0059) will be paid if the consultation is initiated by a WCB Chiropractic Consultant to an external chiropractor. These fees are paid on a per hour basis, calculated on 12 (twelve), 5 (five) minute increments. 
  3. Multi-Site Treatment fees (3095) may be billed upon pre-approval by the WCB in addition to the treatment fee in cases where two or more distinct and separate areas of injury require dedicated treatment. Conjoined spinal areas will be considered one area.
  4. When acupuncture is approved, approval is designated for the first five visits. Prior approval from the WCB will be required for the sixth and subsequent treatments. A treatment fee and acupuncture fee cannot be charged on the same visit/day.
  5. The WCB will pay for treatment fees up to three treatment visits in weeks 9-14.  The WCB retains the right to oversee the injured worker's treatment plan and may modify its approval for payment of treatment fees by providing written notice to the Chiropractor.
  6. X-Ray Fees - the fee for an x-ray shall be the same as the fee paid by Manitoba Health for radiology (plus actual delivery or mailing costs) and shall be adjusted in the same manner and to the same level as such fees are adjusted by Manitoba Health.  Note: prior WCB approval is required for Computerized Axial Tomography.

Please refer to the full contract details to ensure understanding of approvals, tariffs and fees for billing purposes. You can access the full contract details through the Manitoba Chiropractors Association.

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