How do I determine the labour portion of a contract when hiring deemed workers and defaulting subcontractors?

For calculation examples, labour percentage and rates, refer to the 2011 Assessment Rates.  For more information, refer to the Coverage for Contract Labour fact sheet.

Knowledge Base Categories: 

Maximum Assessable Payroll

The amount that employers report, per worker, is subject to a cap or maximum assessable earnings level. You are not charged a premium on the portion of a worker’s earnings that exceeds the maximum assessable earnings level.

NOTE: There is no minimum assessable earnings level for workers.

Report Payroll


Reporting Payroll

The WCB calculates your annual premium using your annual payroll estimate. Whether you are required to, or choose to, cover your workers, one of your primary obligations under The Workers Compensation Act is to submit accurate payroll information each year before the last day in February.


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