Recovering from a workplace injury or illness can be difficult for both workers and employers.

You’re concerned about your worker’s wellbeing, as well as covering the gap in staffing and worrying about increased costs. Developing a good Return to Work program can relieve some of this stress and be good for your business.

A Return to Work program provides a valuable return on investment. It can reduce your WCB premiums, improve employee morale, lead to faster recovery, provide opportunities for cross-training and enhance employee retention. 

Find out what a good Return to Work program looks like.

The WCB is here to help you develop a Return to Work program that’s good for workers and good for your business. We provide consultation and training to help you set up or improve your Return to Work program. We can also help you plan an individual worker’s Return to Work. 

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Points to Remember

  • As an employer, you are required to provide modified, alternate or gradual Return to Work options to injured workers.
  • Communicating your Return to Work program internally will help workers know what is available and expected of them before an injury occurs.
  • Getting started after an injury is as easy as calling your worker to ask about their expected recovery time and what they can do while they’re recovering. 

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