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During the last week of November, Rate Letters are mailed to all employers registered with the Manitoba Workers Compensation Board. The Rate Letter provides employers with their premium rate for the following year and is provided for information purposes only; it is not an invoice and no payment is required at this time.

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Before December 31st, employers who have Personal Coverage are required to contact the WCB if they would like to cancel or change the level of coverage they currently carry for the coming year. If you have Personal Coverage and you do not require any changes, you do not need to do anything at this time.

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Early January

A request for Annual Payroll information is mailed to all employers registered with the WCB in Manitoba to obtain payroll details from employers. All registered employers are required to provide their payroll information to our offices no later than the last day of February. The Annual Payroll request is not an invoice; you are not required to send payment to the WCB when you provide your payroll information.

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January 31

If a business has a Personal Coverage only account (meaning they do not employ workers), their full payment, or the first payment of their selected payment option is due by January 31. If the Personal Coverage account is not paid by this date, the Personal Coverage will be cancelled.

If employers have Personal Coverage and Worker Coverage, the premium will be due March 31. If the premium is not paid by this date, the Personal Coverage will be cancelled.

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February 28

All registered employers must submit their Annual Payroll information to the WCB offices by the last day in February. Failure to provide this information by this date may result in penalties.

Note: If a business has Personal Coverage only - meaning they do not employ workers - they will not receive a request for Annual Payroll information.

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General Information Questions


What information do I need to have available to register my business with the WCB?

Before you begin, you should have the following information available so you can complete your request:

  • Legal name of business entity (i.e. ownership)
  • WCB Account Number (if known)
  • Nine-digit Business Number (if known)
  • Business Contact Information
  • Date workers were/will be hired
  • Estimated annual gross payroll for current year
  • Information pertaining to sale if the business was purchased


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How is my business classified?

When an employer registers with the WCB, they are required to provide a description of their business. The description provided is used to determine the employer’s classification into an industry sector. As a general rule, employers are classified into an industry based on the primary nature of their business.


How do I know if I'm classified correctly?

Your classification is based on the information you provided to the WCB when you registered for coverage. When you registered, you were assigned to the classification that best fits your business operations. We know that over time, industries change and evolve. The model we use for classification was designed to adapt to the changing business environment and ensure competing employers and employers with comparable risk are similarly classified.

If you feel that you may not have been assigned to the appropriate classification, please call our office to discuss your current classification. You should also do this if your business activities change.

If you are still not satisfied that your business is classified correctly, you have the right to appeal the classification.

Additional Resources:

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