Employer Appeals Information

Employers can appeal any primary decision related to a claim. Examples include claim acceptance, a worker's entitlement to compensation and/or other benefits, penalties related to late reporting, and cost relief requests.

Before starting an appeal, first discuss the issue or decision on which you do not agree with your Adjudicator or Case Manager to try and find a solution. If you are still not satisfied with the decision, there are two levels of appeal available to you:

  1. The Review Office and
  2. The Appeal Commission

The Review Office

To begin your appeal, write to the Review Office at the address listed below and tell us exactly where you feel the error was made and the grounds on which you are basing your appeal.

Review Office
333 Broadway
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2X4

If you prefer, you may use this Request for Review form to start your appeal. The form can be completed online; however, you will need to print a copy to send to the Review Office.

It normally takes between four and eight weeks for your appeal to be considered.

The Review Office uses file reviews to decide appeals. Please refer to Policy 20.10 Reconsiderations or the Review Office Fact Sheet for more information.

The Appeal Commission

If after receiving your decision from the Review Office you are still not satisfied, there is one final option of appeal which is the Appeal Commission.

The Appeal Commission is the final level of appeal for any claim issue. Although the Appeal Commission functions separately from the Workers Compensation Board, it is bound by the rules set out in The Workers Compensation Act.

Only issues previously appealed at the Review Office level will be considered. If your appeal includes new information, then you need to send the information back to Review Office as the Appeal Commission cannot hear, or rule on, any matter that has not been considered by Review Office.

To begin an appeal with the Appeal Commission, request an assessment appeal form by contacting the Scheduling Coordinator at (204) 925-6114 or by fax at (204) 943-4393. Outside Winnipeg, you may call collect.

Please visit the Appeal Commission website for more information.